Welcome to Joshua Norman's dreamland! Joshua is a tattoo artist based in Bend, Oregon, and he wanted to create a virtual community for players to explore 3D versions of his tattoo designs. Inspired by his love of The Hobbit films and tattoo art, we designed this map to bring these two passions together. 
​​​​​​​Download HEL PASS to discover the treasures hidden in every corner of the spawn!
The Central Statue
The central statue was inspired by a black granite sculpture in Victor's Way, a spiritual museum in Roundwood, Ireland.
Timelapse + Cinematic
Watch how we built HEL PASS and explore the map from every angle.
Additional Renders
If you're interested in learning more about Joshua and his work, you can check out his Twitter page below.
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 350 x 350
Build Type: Commission
Theme: Tattoo Art

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