Poseidon created these three crescent-shaped islands for his people to live on them. They built a town, established jobs, and fostered a commendable trade business through their large central port. One day, enemy ships appeared on the horizon. They were seeking to attack the islands and take control of key trade routes by controlling the port. As peaceful people, the islands' citizens feared that nothing would save them, but as the ships neared, Poseidon rose out of the water, riding on his hippocampus—ready to defend his people. In this project, Poseidon is pictured seconds before sinking the enemy ships. 
Varuna built this map in 2016 over the course of 9 weeks with the help of more than 25 architects.
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Construction Timelapse
Check out our block-by-block building process
Additional Renders
Terrain Size: 1000 x 1000
Island Size: 500 x 500
Theme: Fantasy

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