Caralis is a medieval city in Minecraft that is located in the midst of towering mountains. At the center of the city stands a grand castle, its imposing walls and windows rising up into the sky. The castle serves as the seat of power for the lord of the city, and is a symbol of the city's wealth and strength.
The city itself is bustling and vibrant, with narrow streets lined with merchants selling their wares and farmers bringing in their crops from the surrounding fields. The people of Caralis are a hardworking and proud folk, who have a strong sense of community and loyalty to their lord.
Despite being surrounded by mountains, Caralis is not isolated from the rest of the world. An underground tunnel connects the city to the docks and farms outside the mountains, allowing for trade and commerce to flow freely. This tunnel also serves as a means of defense, as it allows the city to remain well-supplied and fortified even in times of conflict.
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Size: 300x300 (City), 2000x2000 (Terrain)
Build Type: Commissioned Map
Theme: Medieval

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