Dive into the vivid realm of Nova Nexus, a psychedelic Minecraft hub designed for a large Minecraft network. This mesmerizing 3D globe, bursting with neon colors, is centered around a majestic tree. Glowing veins of light emanate from its roots, weaving through the terrain and feeding into an enchanting, brightly illuminated canopy. 
As the network's central hub, it features portals to 20 thrilling minigames, each with their own unique adventure:
Bedwars and Skywars
Cakewars and Egg Wars
Parkour and Dropper
Hunger Games and UHC
Guess the Painting and Build Battle
Skyblock and Prison
Murder Mystery and Cops and Robbers
Survival and Factions
Spleef and TNT Run
Deathrun and Block Hunt
Amidst the psychedelic landscape, there are charming mushroom houses with full interiors. Beneath the central tree's roots lies a PVP pit for exhilarating battles. Look to the sky above the spawn, and witness the ethereal dance of green northern lights streaking across the canvas. 
Additional Renders
Explore the map from every angle!
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 500 x 500
Build Type: Server Hub
Theme: Psychedelic

Please note that this intricate world was crafted exclusively for a client and is not available for download or interactive exploration beyond the showcased images on our website, offering a glimpse into the immersive experience of our bespoke Minecraft creations.

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