Step into a magical world with our enchanting Disney Hub, featuring a grand castle inspired by the iconic Disney Castle. As the centerpiece of the island, the castle is surrounded by a small village with 9 unique houses, each with its own character. 
The village is connected to the rest of the world by a mystical port, where enchanted merchant ships dock, bringing rare goods for the villagers to discover. Set on a secluded island surrounded by the sea, this map will transport you to a fairytale-like atmosphere. The blue-tiled roofs add to the fantasy ambiance of the map. 
Discover the secrets of the castle, interact with the friendly villagers, and immerse yourself in a magical experience like no other. 
Join us and let the enchantment begin!
Timelapse + 3D Viewer
Use the viewer to the right to explore the hub in 3D 
Additional Renders
Size: 300x300 
Build Type: Hub
Theme: Fantasy & Disney 

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