One of our most ambitious Minecraft builds to date. 
With a total size of 850x850 blocks, The City of Hythe features exactly 3,279 buildings—of which 34% (1,114 buildings) have complete interiors. Varuna spent 79 days creating this project. From planning the city, to designing each building's architecture, to shaping the terrain. The finished product showcases over 1000+ hours of labor from our team. 
Hythe is divided into 4 sections, each with different levels of elevation: the slums, the middle-class, upper-class, and royalty. In the slums, you can find a blacksmith, a potion shop, a leatherwork shop, several bakeries, a general goods store, and many other types of buildings. The city's 'ground level' towers above the slums—packed with middle-class housing. Three bridges connect the outer and inner walls. The most expensive district is housed within the inner wall, where the upper-class and royalty live, next to the castle. At the center of the city, a castle towers into the sky, and in front of it, an eagle statue with its wings in front of its beak, creating a dome shape over the arena below.   
Rumors about a secret black market have spread across the city, but will anyone find it?
Upper-Class Houses
With over 48 unique house designs in the wealthy district, here are 2 of our favorites.  
Additional Renders
In-Game Screenshots
Size: 850x850 (City), 4500x4500 (Terrain)
Build Type: Commissioned Minecraft Map
Theme: Medieval Mega-City

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