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Minecraft Architecture & Design Regardless of if you're looking for structures, statues, or custom terrain generation, Varuna's architects and designers are trained to deliver the highest-quality work in Minecraft. If you can dream it, we can build it.
Event Planning & Server Setup Hosting an event in Minecraft? Whether it be a branded campaign, music festival, live stream, parkour challenge, or anything else, our developers can configure a custom server to your exact specifications and ensure a stress-free execution by being there on the day of the event.
Service Timeline
Consultation: Upon receiving a 50% deposit, our team will work on the project— sending updates to the client every 2-3 days—until completed.
Estimate: Upon finalizing the project’s details, we’ll send an estimate. If approved, we’ll send an invoice to be paid via credit card or wire transfer.
Construction and Development: Upon receiving the 50% deposit, our team will work the project—sending updates to the client every 2-3 days—until completed.
Product Delivery: Once the client approves the product and sends the remaining 50% payment, we’ll send the client the product or prepare to launch the event/campaign.
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