Our Terms
In order for Varuna to begin construction or development on any project, we require a 50% upfront deposit. We will send a Stripe invoice via email which can be paid with a credit card or bank transfer. 
Once Varuna has completed the services requested, the remaining 50% can be sent to ensure a peaceful transaction for both the client and our team.

Every order will be built on Varuna's private Minecraft building server. Client access to Varuna's private build server is prohibited. Throughout the building process, frequent screenshots will be sent to ensure the build is to the standard and liking of the client. Once the build is completed and the last screenshot has been sent, the client is allowed to request minor changes to the Minecraft build for no extra charge. Large changes to the Minecraft build may be requested for an additional fee. All orders will be delivered in a 1.12.2 schematic or in a 1.12.2 flat world format, unless the client requests a different format and Varuna agrees before the first payment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How long does it take to complete an order?
Building times fluctuate depending on the size of the order, however on average, Varuna takes between 3-12 weeks to complete each project. If you need an order completed within a short timeframe, as low as a few days, we can complete a rush order for a fee.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire Varuna?
Our custom orders start at $5000 USD however most custom orders are upwards of $10,000 USD. If you're interested in hiring Varuna, please refer to our Services page.

Q3. Can Varuna create maps with mod packs installed?
Unfortunately, we cannot build maps with a mod pack installed, however, we can create vanilla maps that clients can put on servers with mod packs. 

Q4. Does Varuna accept alternate payments?
We do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies, publicity, or ranks.

Q5. How many employees does Varuna have?
44 designers, architects, and developers comprise Varuna.

Q6. What is the daily hourly commitment of Varuna employees?
Although it ranges across each position, Varuna architects usually work 7-9 hours per day designing and creating beautiful architectural works for our clients.

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