Meet Varuna:
    Varuna is a group of talented architects, designers and artists who work within the popular video game–Minecraft–to create custom worlds for both personal clients and the public. Our builds range from Minecraft recreations of real-life locations to completely fantasy worlds imagined and built by Varuna. We strive to create builds that inspire awe and joy within people. Our builds are often used in servers as sets for other mini-games within Minecraft. Considering many of our clients are server owners, we strive to produce projects with the highest possible quality for an affordable price.
     Varuna can be hired to build maps, spawns, hubs, and anything else you can possibly imagine. With an emphasis placed on gorgeous architecture, you can be sure of the highest quality, and an absolutely unique design. If you are interested in contracting our team, please submit a message on our contact page. We want to start construction on your masterpiece as soon as possible.

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