Orario 2.0: An Anime Minecraft Adventure
Presenting Orario 2.0, a fantasy Minecraft city build that brings the world of Danmachi to life within Minecraft 1.20. This expansive map isn’t just a mere addition to your collection; it's a Minecraft mega-city waiting to be explored. The city is encircled by towering walls and filled with adventure and mystery. Dive into the most immersive Danmachi experience in Minecraft with Orario 2.0!
Central to the Map: Babel, The Tower of Mysteries 
At the heart of this Minecraft city is the awe-inspiring Babel, a tower that's not only a magnificent example of Minecraft fantasy builds but also the gateway to a myriad  of adventures. Rising majestically into the clouds, Babel is a dungeon of endless mysteries and challenges, promising an unforgettable experience for every explorer.
A Collection of Iconic Fantasy Minecraft Builds 
Orario 2.0 is a treasure trove of 36 key locations, each meticulously crafted to reflect the spirit of Danmachi's iconic venues. From Hestia Familia’s Abandoned Church Home, a humble yet key structure, to the Hostess of Fertility, a bustling pub where heroes recount their tales from the dungeon, each location is a unique fantasy build within this medieval Minecraft town.
A Hub of Fantasy Minecraft Houses 
Orario 2.0 offers an array of fantasy Minecraft houses, each with its distinct character and story from Danmachi. The Blue Pharmacy, the Miach Familia home, and the Hearth Mansion, the current Hestia Familia abode, are just a few examples of the intricate houses that add depth and realism to this Minecraft mega-city.
Shop, Battle, and Explore
The Hephaestus Familia North West Shop showcases a variety of medieval armory. The Coliseum, an amphitheater where battles come to life, echoes the essence of the town. Wander through Daedalus Street's rustic charm or relax in Amor Square, a vibrant spot in this Minecraft anime city. Each location, from the bustling markets to the serene gardens, is crafted with an eye for detail, transporting players into a fully-realized fantasy world.
Why Orario 2.0 Is a Must-Have for Minecraft and Anime Fans 
Orario 2.0 is a testament to the fusion of the immersive world of Minecraft with the captivating lore of Danmachi. Whether you're a fan of medieval Minecraft anime towns or fantasy Minecraft builds, this map offers a unique and enthralling experience. Its intricate design and attention to detail in crafting fantasy Minecraft houses and key Danmachi locations ensure a fresh and exciting adventure every time.
Ready to Explore Orario 2.0? 
Download Orario 2.0 and prepare to embark on a grand Minecraft adventure. Step into Orario 2.0 and witness a remarkable blend of fantasy Minecraft houses, medieval charm, and anime-inspired intrigue. Whether you're delving into dungeons, unraveling the city's secrets, or simply experiencing the ambiance of a beloved anime series in a Minecraft fantasy build, Orario 2.0 is an experience you won't forget.

Download Orario 2.0 today, and begin your journey in this extraordinary Minecraft city that brings to life the world of Danmachi!
Explore the Revamped Orario!
Orario vs. Orario 2.0
Orario 2.0 has over 36 key Danmachi locations including:
Bell & Hestia's Abandoned Church
Twilight Manor: The Loki Familia Home
The Pantheon / The Guild
+ 33 other key locations spread across Orario 2.0!
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 800 x 800 (City) 1500 x 1500 (Terrain)
Build Type: Minecraft City Map
Theme: Anime (Danmachi) 

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