Lithonia is Varuna's largest fantasy city in Minecraft yet, with a massive 900x900 block footprint. We spent nearly 3 months carefully planning, designing, and constructing this city, with a focus on creating a wide range of detailed and fully furnished buildings. In total, we constructed 3,043 buildings, each with its own unique interior.
The city is designed to be easy to navigate, with paths, streets, and boulevards that lead to every district within its borders. At the heart of Lithonia, you'll find three large towers that house powerful crystals that protect the city from invaders. On the far side of the city, you'll find the city hall, which features a fully furnished courtroom and several additional meeting spaces.
With over 1000 hours of work invested in its construction, Lithonia is a testament to our dedication to creating immersive and detailed Minecraft projects. 
Explore its streets and discover all that it has to offer.
City Hall
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Additional Renders
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 900x900 (City), 5000x5000 (Terrain)
Build Type: Commissioned Map
Theme: Fantasy

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