Varuna proudly introduces the Ernmore Citadel, a triumphant creation that clinched the top spot in the second Hytopia Building Competition. 
Over a span of 10 days and within a 150x150 space constraint, our team ingeniously utilized vertical space, crowning a towering boulder with the majestic Ernmore Castle. This impressive structure is seamlessly connected to a medieval observatory and a network of aqueducts.
Further down the boulder's face, you'll discover a stunning cathedral seamlessly integrated into the rock. Zig-zagging staircases lead to a picturesque village below, where charming shops and homes adorn the narrow streets.
Embark on your adventure today and explore the wonder that is Ernmore Citadel! 
The Cathedral
The heart of Ernmore's community
Full View Render
Explore Ernmore from every angle!
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 150 x 150
Build Type: Building Competition Plot
Theme: Fantasy Castle

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