Varuna teamed up with Buena.org, The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and several Twitch and YouTube Streamers to create Sheltercraft—a Minecraft event where players build refugee shelters in-game to raise funds to build real shelters in Syrian refugee camps.
The Problem
The pandemic forced billions of people into sheltering at home. But we are the lucky ones who have a home to flee to. How can we help the 80 million refugees who don’t have a home? ​​​​​​​
About the Campaign
What if playing Minecraft built real refugee shelters? We gathered the world’s top gamers to join our server and build virtual refugee shelters together. Gamers charity stream to their audience and viewers donate to make the virtual shelters real. 
Introducing Sheltercraft—a Minecraft server where players can charity stream themselves building virtual shelters and raise funds to build those shelters in real life. 
Varuna built a Minecraft replica of a real refugee camp in Afghanistan. 
Funds raised will go to The Norwegian Refugee Council, the world’s largest refugee organization, to allow them to build real shelters for refugees struggling to find a roof over their heads.
How To Participate
​​​​​​​Join our server, choose some parcels, use your creativity to build shelters, invite your followers to donate to fund building real refugee shelters.
About The Norwegian Refugee Council
The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organization helping people forced to flee. They work on crises in more than 30 countries, where they help save lives and rebuild futures. Support them as they build a new future for the millions of refugees throughout the world. 
About the Impact of The NRC
There are 80 million refugees currently. The NRC helps tens of millions of them by focussing assistance on six main areas: shelter, access to hygiene supplies, food security, education, legal defense, and camp management. Key countries include Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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