Welcome to the Mellow Moon Minecraft Festival by Alfie & friends, in partnership with Amazon Music! Inspired by Alfie’s debut album ‘Mellow Moon’ out on 27th May, we’ve brought the Mellow Moon of Alfie’s dreams to life and created an immersive music festival in space, all built entirely within Minecraft. 
Alfie and fellow artists including The Vaccines, Thomas Headon, SIRUP, Everything Everything and more will perform live as their Minecraft selves, on a psychedelic stage set in a rocky moon crater.
Roam around the moon terrain to explore an amusement park, moon buggies, alien desert-themed flora and fauna, flying spaceships, ‘3D Feelings’ floating in the sky and more!
Your special mission will be to complete scavenger hunts, to gain entry into a secret spaceship to win exclusive prizes and listen to unreleased music from ‘Mellow Moon’.
Head to the store to redeem free in-game items to party in true festival style, including rocket launchers, fireworks and more! You’ll also be able to visit Alfie’s virtual, 3D model store to shop exclusively discounted merch.
Join the experience from 6pm BST, Weds 18th May in the multiplayer server 
The festival performances will begin at 6pm BST, Thurs 19th May.
Event Trailer + Lineup
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In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 1000 x 1000 (main stage area), 3000 x 3000 (terrain map)
Build Type: Music Festival for Alfie Templeman
Theme: Mellow Moon

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