Varuna was commissioned to create Myst City, a mountain-themed Minecraft environment designed for use as a financial minigame on a Minecraft server. This city is divided into three sections: low-class, middle-class, and upper-class districts.
As players explore Myst City, they'll come across mines scattered throughout the map. These mines are filled with ores that can be mined to collect digital currency. Players can use this currency to progress to different sections of the city as they acquire more wealth. Our team at Varuna spent a month working on this project, carefully crafting the city's intricate details and ensuring that it was ready for players to explore. Whether you're new to the world of financial minigames or an experienced player, Myst City is sure to provide a thrilling and immersive experience.
Timelapse + Cinematic
Watch how we built Myst City and explore each of its districts.
The Church + The Mansion
View the two most important buildings in Myst City in 3D. 
Additional Renders
Upper-Class District
Middle-Class District
Low-Class District
In-Game Screenshots
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Size: 1000 x1000
Build Type: Mine
Theme: Fantasy

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